(16.052012) Smotret Djvar Aprust - Episode 310

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A clash of the two poles of life, real life in the basis of the relationship between the extremely rich and extremely poor which is served in hottest colors. A wealthy life, a difficult lifestyle, a great love born in the result of the clash of these two antonyms…then a tragedy that destroys everything. A mother and a daughter on the lowest level of the social category whose lives collapse in a moment so that life seems to be over, but life becomes more unpredictable in this story…everything is still ahead. A mother and a daughter left homeless that find themselves in the hands of the rich with the light hand of fate. They have to pass through the injustice of life. The daughter has to get the money necessary for her sick mother at the expense of her dignity. The army of the spoilt rich, for whom life is only pleasure, stands next to them with delicate plot solutions. The way the events will develop will become clear during watching the film.

Episode 310

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